Fast Growing Trees for Screening

Green Rocket Hybrid Cedar - Fast Growing

Grows 3 ft. or more per year. Fast growing privacy hedge for year round green screen.

Buy 18-24” Green Rocket in Rapid Start Containers as low as $5.50 each

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Norway Spruce

Thick evergreen that grows 2 ft. per year. Great evergreen windbreak or visual barrier.

Buy 16-30” Norway Spruce plants as low as $6.50 each

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Colorado Blue Spruce

Beautiful silver-blue foliage, maintenance free tree. Perfect as a specimen tree or planted in clusters for privacy or windbreak.

Buy 16-24” Blue Spruce in Rapid Start Containers as low as $6.50 each

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Eastern White Pine

Fast growing evergreen with soft green needles. Grows up to 3 ft. per year.

Buy 16-24” White Pine in Rapid Start Containers as low as $6.50 each

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Emerald Green Arborvitae

Evergreen of choice for narrow screens with no pruning required. Mature height of 12 ft. and 4 ft. wide.

Buy 18-24” Emerald Green in #2 (2 gallon) Containers as low as $15.00 each

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Fast Growing Coral Snap

Fast-growing hybrid salix for windbreak or screening, grows 20 to 25 ft. tall in 5 years. Coral colored stems add winter interest.

Buy 3 ft. tall plants as low as $6.50 each.

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Fast Growing Skyrise - Hybrid Salix

Fast growing hybrid salix for windbreak or screening. Grows 5 ft. per year.

Buy 3 ft. tall plants as low as $5.00 each

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Fast Growing Rosemary Salix

Thick windbreak tree for height restricted areas. Lush, silver, green foliage. Great for large privacy hedge.

Buy 3 ft. tall plants as low as $6.50 each

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Fast Growing Hybrid Poplar

Fast growing, long lived poplar tree for screening, shade and windbreak. Grows up to 8 ft. per year.

Buy 3 ft. tall plants as low as $5.00 each

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Screening trees or privacy hedges are essential to many urban and suburban yards. They can provide a visual barrier to screen out unpleasant sights and sounds and prevent others from seeing into your property. A living fence/privacy hedge can be just as effective as a wooden fence but more affordable.

What is the best evergreen or deciduous plant to use for a privacy screen or fast growing hedge? Before deciding what plant material to use, a few questions need be asked:

  • Is the desired planting location in full sun or shade? A planting site that receives 6 hours of full sun per day is considered full sun.
  • Is the soil moist or well drained?Well drained soils allow excess water to percolate through them. Contrary to popular belief soils on slopes or hills may not be well drained if they contain heavy clay or high water tables. A simple test can be performed to determine drainage by digging a small hole 24-30 inches deep. Fill the hole to the top with water. 24 hours later refill the hole to the top with water. All of the water from the second fill must be drained out of the hole within 12-24 hours to be considered a well drained site. If any water remains in the bottom of the hole, this sight is then considered poorly drained soil.
  • How tall do you want the screen to be?If there are power lines above the planting site the mature height of the plant material must be considered.

For a year-round green screen visual barrier, an evergreen may be your first choice, provided the soil is well drained and the planting site receives full sun. Deciduous shrubs or trees (shed leaves annually) also work well. Many deciduous plants can grow faster than evergreens and tolerate a wider variety of soils. Choose plants that produce a dense branching structure to maintain privacy throughout the winter months, such as Rosemary Salix, Forsythia, American Cranberry or Red Osier Dogwood. Any of our deciduous plants will provide a green privacy screen during the months of May through October when we are outside the most.

Many of the trees and shrubs that we sell will make a good, fast growing privacy screen. The keys to creating a successful living fence or privacy tree screen are choosing the proper plant material for your location, such as sun or shade; moist or well-drained soils; proper site preparation, and mulching. Mulching is extremely important to getting your plants off to a fast start. For more information, read our plant care guidelines.

Listed are just a few of our most popular fast growing screening trees. Our complete list can be found here.

Green Rocket Hybrid Cedar – The Thuja Green Rocket Hybrid Cedar is a fast growing evergreen. Once established it can produce 3 feet of new growth per year. It has dense, soft green foliage for a year-round green screen. The Thuja Green Rocket is one of the fastest growing evergreens available. It can grow to 30 feet tall and 8-12 feet wide in as little as 8 to 15 years. For a single row privacy hedge plant at a 4-6 foot spacing.

Norway Spruce – A fast growing evergreen that grows 2 feet per year once established. The Norway spruce looks good planted in clusters, staggered rows or even a single row. The Norway spruce can tolerate road salts (road de-icing salts). This spruce is hardy and maintenance free and should be considered for use if blocking the sights and sounds of a busy road is your concern.

Colorado Blue Spruce – Our Colorado Blue Spruce are the bluest blue and a fine choice for a screening tree. Colorado blue spruce has a growth rate of ½ - 1 foot per year. Dense branching from the ground up provides plenty of privacy. Colorado blue spruce is deer resistant. Plant in rows at a 10-15 foot spacing or in clusters to block unsightly views.

White Pine – One of the most widely planted trees in U.S., the White Pine is fast growing at a rate of 3 feet per year. This fast growing conifer has long soft needles and a straight trunk. A light pruning of the White Pine when young creates a fuller tree at maturity. Strategic planting can provide plenty of privacy and abate noise.

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