Skyrise™ Screening Trees

(Hybrid Salix)
Zones: 3-8 (View Map of Zones)
Uses: Fast Growing, Shade Tree, Privacy Screen, Wind Break
Description: Growing at least 5 feet per year, the Skyrise™ (Hybrid Salix) is hardy and disease resistant.
Skyrise Wind Screening Tree - Hybrid Salix
Skyrise Wind Screen at 17 Months

The Skyrise Hybrid Salix trees are sterile male hybrid clones that are hardy and disease resistant. They can be used for privacy screens, windbreaks, shade trees, dust barriers, soil conservation, erosion control and general landscaping. The original trees were discovered in Illinois in 1991.

  • Skyrise trees natural growth pattern is to branch from the ground up, but they can be trimmed and trained into a shade tree shape.
  • They have proven hardy to 30 degrees below zero.
  • Skyrise trees grow well on a wide range of soils, including very wet locations.
  • They do not spread by seed or root suckers and have an estimated life span of over 40 years.
  • Skyrise Hybrid Salix are propagated from hardy stock and grown at our nursery site in northern Indiana.

Secrets to Incredibly Fast Growth

Proper site preparation is the key. Deep ripping or tilling of the site is required, as well as, weed and grass control. Mulching and supplemental watering the first year will enhance growth. Skyrise (Hybrid Salix) must be planted in full sun for growth of 5-6 feet per year or more.

The Facts

6 Year Old Skyrise Tree
Skyrise as Shade Tree: 6-years old
  • November through May are the best months to plant (provided the soil is not frozen) the bareroot forms of Skyrise trees. Although we do plant well into the summer, regular watering is critical for good growth. Potted plants can be planted any time of the year.

  • Skyrise do lose their leaves in the winter. However, they make an excellent year-round windbreak due to their dense branch structure.

  • Plant Skyrise trees 5-8 ft. apart in a single row or 6-10 ft. apart in a double staggered row for a thick windbreak or screen.

  • Skyrise Hybrid Salix are sensitive to herbicides, so protect them from lawn care and crop herbicides.

  • Skyrise will grow to 50 ft. tall and bush out to 20 ft. wide. 5-7 ft. of growth per year is common the first few years under good conditions. Roots extend 5-10 ft. beyond the drip line of the trees. Shadetree form will grow to 40 ft. wide by 50 ft. tall.

  • Skyrise trees will perform well in moist to wet swampy conditions. For superior growth, supplemental water may be needed during dry conditions the first one to two years. When watering, a deep soaking of the root zone is best every 5 to 7 days during dry periods of the growing season.

  • Skyrise are very easy trees to grow provided you keep roots moist at all times during the planting process.

  • Never put fertilizer directly in the planting hole unless you use our slow release planting tablets.

  • Keep Skyrise trees soaking in a bucket of water during the planting process. If you wish, you may soak the roots for up to 8 hours before planting. It is extremely important to keep the roots from drying out even for a few minutes before or during planting.

Five year old Skyrise with lower branches removed
Five year old Skyrise with lower branches removed