Fast Growing Trees for Windbreaks, Privacy, and Screening

Fast Growing Coral Snap

Fast-growing hybrid salix for windbreak or screening, grows 20 to 25 ft. tall in 5 years. Coral colored stems add winter interest.

Buy 2-3 ft. tall plants as low as $5.50 each.

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Fast Growing Skyrise - Hybrid Salix

Fast growing hybrid salix for windbreak or screening. Grows 5 ft. per year.

Buy 2-3 ft. tall plants as low as $5.50 each

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Fast Growing Rosemary Salix

Thick windbreak tree for height restricted areas. Lush, silver, green foliage. Great for large privacy hedge.

Buy 2-3 ft. tall plants as low as $7.00 each

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Fast Growing Hybrid Poplar

Fast growing, long lived poplar tree for screening, shade and windbreak. Grows up to 8 ft. per year.

Buy 2-3 ft. tall plants as low as $5.50 each

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Green Rocket Hybrid Cedar - Fast Growing

Grows 3 ft. or more per year. Fast growing privacy hedge for year round green screen.

Buy 16-24” Green Rocket in Rapid Start Containers as low as $8.50 each

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Norway Spruce

Thick evergreen that grows 2 ft. per year. Great evergreen windbreak or visual barrier.

Buy 12-24” Norway Spruce plants as low as $8.00 each

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Colorado Blue Spruce

Beautiful silver-blue foliage, maintenance free tree. Perfect as a specimen tree or planted in clusters for privacy or windbreak.

Buy 12-24” Blue Spruce in Rapid Start Containers as low as $8.00 each

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Eastern White Pine

Fast growing evergreen with soft green needles. Grows up to 3 ft. per year.

Buy 12-24” White Pine in Rapid Start Containers as low as $8.00 each

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Emerald Green Arborvitae

Evergreen of choice for narrow screens with no pruning required. Mature height of 12 ft. and 4 ft. wide.

Buy 18-24” Emerald Green in #2 (2 gallon) Containers as low as $23.00 each

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A windbreak or shelterbelt is a row of trees or shrubs strategically planted to reduce and redirect the wind. The height of the trees or shrubs determines how far the protection extends. The general rule is that a windbreak will reduce winds to a distance 10 times its height. The coldest and most damaging winds come from the north and west, typically in the Midwest. Orient your windbreak to be planted on the prevailing wind side of your property. A good windbreak can reduce home heating costs by 10 to 15 percent and reduce the effects of hot, drying summer winds. The trees act like air conditioners as they transpire and have a cooling effect on the immediate area.

Windbreaks placed around livestock production facilities can reduce movement of odors emitted by manure to neighboring properties and help to protect the animals from the elements. Trees and shrubs planted as windbreaks around poultry houses can disrupt ground level concentrated plumes of odors and mix it with the prevailing winds to dilute it. Windbreaks also significantly improve the appearance of the farm.

Often times only a conifer or evergreen tree is considered to be a good windbreak when in fact a deciduous (loose leaves annually) tree can provide an excellent windbreak. Our recommended deciduous trees and shrubs are fast growing, densely branched and tolerate a wider variety of soil types, including very moist. The best windbreak tree is one that can handle the growing conditions where you plan to plant them. Trees and shrubs that require full sun but are planted in a shady location will not grow as quickly or be as dense as stated. Mulching, proper site preparation and plant care is vital as well. Expect only half of the listed growth rates if you do not mulch or follow the plant care guidelines.

Listed are just a few of our most popular fast growing windbreak trees. Our complete list can be found here.

Coral Snap Hybrid Salix – This fast growing tree provides a thick, fast growing windbreak. Coral Snap can grow to 12 feet tall in just 2 years reaching a 25 foot height with a 12 - 15 foot width at maturity. It is deciduous, losing it leaves in late fall to reveal colorful, graduating red orange yellow branches. The Coral Snap is a great visual barrier May through October but provides an excellent windbreak year round. Coral Snap will grow in almost any soil type except very dry and requires full sun. For a single row windbreak plant, 6 - 10 feet apart.

Skyrise Hybrid Salix – The Skyrise is fast growing at 5-6 feet of new growth per year in full sun. It is very hardy and disease resistant with an estimated life span of 40 years. The Skyrise can provide a very fast growing windbreak, dust barrier or soil erosion control. Skyrise perform well in moist to even very wet sites. The Skyrise Hybrid Salix will grow to 50 feet tall and 30 feet wide and should be planted 6-10 feet apart in a single row or 8-12 feet apart in a double staggered row. The Skyrise is deciduous but its many branches create an effective windbreak.

Rosemary Salix – The Rosemary Salix has very dense growth and fine textured leaves similar to the herb Rosemary. It grows 10 feet tall and 8 feet wide in as little as 3 years. Rosemary Salix matures to 15 feet tall, making it the perfect choice for height-restricted areas such as under power lines. The Rosemary Salix will thrive in most soil types but prefers moist sites and full sun.

Hybrid Poplar – This Hybrid Poplar is the longest lived 40 years or more, and most disease resistant of all the hybrid poplars. This fast growing tree has growth rates up to 8 feet per year and will grow to 60 feet tall and 30 feet wide. The quick growing Hybrid Poplar prefers full sun and deep moist soil. It will tolerate poor soils and drought, but it will grow more slowly under these conditions. Plant 6-10 feet apart for a single row, or 8-12 feet apart in double staggered rows.

We have both screening trees such as the Green Rocket and windbreak trees such as the Coral Snap. Contact us about any of our fast growing screening trees or fast growing windbreak trees that we have for sale.

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