Roadside Produce Market

Locally Grown Seasonal Produce

Locally Grown Corn, Apples & Tomatoes for Sale

9720 Maysville Road, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46815

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Open seasonally from early August to December with seasonal items such as apples, tomatoes, apple cider, apple butter, pumpkins, squash, gourds and many other items.
Check current availability below for frequent updates.
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Currently Available at the Roadside Produce Market

Closed for the season. Thank you for a great year. We do appreciate your business! Check back mid-August 2016 for next seasons opening schedule.

Apple Varieties and Uses

E=Excellent  G=Good  F=Fair

Variety Taste Approx Ripening Eating Salad Sauce Baking Freezing
Ginger Gold Tart Mid Aug E G G E -
Redfree Sweet Mid Aug G G G F -
Paula Red Slightly Tart Mid Aug G F E E -
McIntosh Slightly Tart Early Sept G G F F -
Honeycrisp Sweet Tart Early Sept E E F F -
Gala Sweet Early Sept E G F F -
Cortland Tart Mid Sept E E F G F
Jonathon Tart Mid Sept E E E G G
Red Delicious Sweet Mid Sept G F - - -
Golden Delicious Sweet Mid/Late Sept E E E G G
Empire Tart Late Sept E G F - G
Ida Red Very Tart Late Sept G E G E G
Rome Sweet Early Oct G G G G -
Mutsu Sweet Tart Early Oct G G G G -
Winesap Sweet (late in season) Mid Oct G F E G E
Apples store best in a perforated plastic bag in the refrigerator